How an Ancient Mushroom Can Lead to Flawless Skin

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How can an ancient chinese secret lead to flawless, ageless skin? The answer is Tremella fuciformis, one of the great superfood mushrooms and longevity tonic herbs in Traditional Chinese medicine.  This incredible youth-preserving mushroom has the ability to rejuvenate, moisturize, and hydrate the skin naturally.

Its use dates back as far as 200 A.D. when it was used by "Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing”, the father of Chinese medicine. In ancient times, Tremella was only reserved for royalty, ruling family members or for rich people who could afford this highly valued superfood.


In ancient China Yang Guifei (719-756, Tang Dynasty), one of the “Four Great Beauties”, an imperial concubine who was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Chinese history. She was so beautiful that she was referred to as having “a face that would put flowers to shame.” It was reported that Yang Guifei attributed Tremella mushroom to be the secret to her everlasting beauty. She used it regularly to maintain her glowing complexion and youthful skin.

What is unique about the Tremella fuciformis extract is that it has an excellent water holding capacity, the mushroom can hold moisture 500 times more than its own volume. Because of this, its many anti-aging properties and beauty-enhancing benefits are astounding.

Beauty From the Inside Out

Tremella mushroom has many restorative benefits but it's most known for its beauty and skin enhancing properties:

  • Nourishes Skin

  • Naturally Moisturizes

  • Improves Elasticity

  • Slows Skin Aging

  • Brightens Complexion

  • Deeply Hydrates Inside and Out



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