For that extra tightening...

A great holistic alternative to a traditional surgical Tummy Tuck.  Our custom treatments extract and decrease fat pockets non-surgically, all while creating and defining the curves you always desired, without any downtime


Feedback from Happy Clients

“As a professional body builder, I have been always concerned about my physique, but have never been able to get a shapely waist.  I took a doubtful shot in the dark going the Face Body Image Solutions, only to discover my dreams were finally attainable.  Not only am I a figure 8 now, but I also got a non-invasive face lift!  I will be a life long member of the FBIS Club!” –Terri S.

“All my life I have had terrible stretch marks. 4 treatments, and I look 15 again.  I can wear whatever I want without shame!  I will recommend this to everyone, especially Mothers!” – Keshanya W.

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